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We proudly provide orthodontic treatment to families in the Chandler  and surrounding areas. Orthodontic treatment can benefit any member of your family, no matter their age. We proudly create straight smiles for children, teens, and adults. 


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Your Chandler Family Orthodontist

Dr. Paul Serrano

Family Is Always First

Dr. Serrano, having grown up in the East Valley, is proud of his Arizona heritage. Most of the Serrano uncles, aunts, and cousins are still running family businesses across Maricopa country.

Serrano Orthodontics is truly a practice that focuses on the entire family, from children who could benefit from interceptive treatment, parents who need a ‘tune-up’ with Invisalign to grandparents looking into treatment for obstructive sleep apnea using the most therapeutic oral appliance available.

The ‘family’ in family orthodontics doesn’t stop there! Dr. Andrew partnered with Dr. Serrano and both doctors are looking forward to when Emily Serrano joins the practice after she finishes dental school.

Dr Andrew Serrano

Education & Experience

Dr. Andrew Serrano was born and raised in the Valley of the Sun. Chasing cooler weather, he attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he majored in biotechnology.

Not only did he excel in the classroom, but he also thrived on the football field, earning All-Ivy Honors as team captain his senior year.

Dr. Andrew returned to Arizona to complete his doctorate degree at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. He remained to complete his master’s degree in public health and his postdoctoral residency in orthodontics.

As a diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, Dr. Andrew Serrano feels strongly about continuing education and providing the most advanced treatment to his patients.

Specifically, he’s interested in accelerated orthodontic treatment, craniofacial and orthognathic orthodontics, temporomandibular joint function and dysfunction (TMD/TMJ), and sleep-disordered breathing.

As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Andrew Serrano is one of the most skilled and experienced orthodontists in the country. He had to pass rigorous written and clinical exams to achieve this distinction, proving his ability to treat even the most complex cases.

Orthodontics for the Whole Family 

Here at Serrano Orthodontics, we want to keep your whole family smiling for years to come. We recognize that adults will have different orthodontic needs than children and teens, and each will need unique treatment strategies and care. Our talented team will work with you and your family to ensure that you always receive the most appropriate treatments and that your needs are met with understanding and respect from us.

Chandler Orthodontics Treatment Options for Children

There is no exact minimum age for children to begin orthodontic treatment, but the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children receive their first orthodontic evaluation by no later than the age of seven. By this age, most children will have a good mix of baby teeth and adult teeth, making it easier for orthodontists like Dr. Serrano to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems early. This reduces the risk of dental issues becoming more severe and requiring more serious treatment in the future.


Chandler Orthodontics Options for Teens

If you suspect your teen could benefit from orthodontic treatment, you’re both likely to have questions. You may be feeling nervous about the unknown, and your teen may be feeling worried when considering wearing braces or aligners. This is an entirely common reaction, but fortunately, it’s also a temporary one! The bulky, uncomfortable metal braces of the past have given way to the smaller, sleeker braces available today. Modern orthodontic appliances are comfortable, stylish, and available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. 


Serrano Orthodontics offers a variety of orthodontic appliances to teens in need of corrective treatment. Fixed and removable options are available depending on the individual case. These options include:


  • Traditional metal braces
  • Clear braces
  • Invisalign 

Chandler Family Orthodontics

Chandler Orthodontics for Adults

Many adults are now choosing to seek orthodontic care later in life. In fact, about 1 in 5 current orthodontic patients is over the age of 21! Modern orthodontics offers multiple discreet but effective ways to straighten adult smiles, including clear braces and clear aligner systems like Invisalign. 


Some of the most common issues we see in adult patients contemplating orthodontic treatment are:


  • a bad bite (malocclusion) causing the teeth to fit together incorrectly
  • the teeth are too crowded, or spaced too far apart
  • any abnormal jaw pain, or pressure that is caused by crooked teeth


Seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult can dramatically increase your confidence and success. But more importantly, improving your dental health can have a positive impact on your overall health. 

Trust Your Family’s Smiles to Serrano Orthodontics

Dr. Serrano and the team at Serrano Orthodontics have extensive experience treating both simple and complex orthodontics issues for patients of all ages. Every member of your family deserves a beautiful smile from your family orthodontist in Chandler. Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest technologies to provide high-quality care that focuses on patient comfort and efficient treatment results. Our talented orthodontic team will work diligently with you to ensure we recommend only the most appropriate treatment for your specific case.

To learn more about family orthodontics in Chandler, schedule a free consultation with Serrano Orthodontics today!