When Do I Get My Braces Off?

When do I get my braces off? 

We know this is a fundamental question for most patients. Why wouldn’t it be? Any way you slice it, braces are, at least to some degree, an inconvenience. 

 At Serrano Orthodontics, you get access to the Victory Series Low Profile brackets – some of the most lightweight and advanced orthodontic equipment on the market. Yet we still want to know when they are coming off. 

 Dr. Paul and Dr. Andrew Serrano are passionate about your care, and they want you to know just how your braces work, and how we can accomplish great results in the shortest time possible. Read on to find out more! 

How do they work?   

While every patient is unique, there are three general goals to most orthodontic treatments that are combined to create your new smile! These goals are, broadly, resolving issues around spacing or crowding, aligning the teeth, so they’re in an appropriate position, and then correcting the bite. Once we’ve met all three goalposts, you can be sure your braces are ready to come off! 

Goal #1: Resolving 

Some common issues affecting orthodontic patients are crowding and spacing. First, your treatment cannot proceed until there is enough room in the mouth for that to occur. Your braces will correct crowding by shifting the positions of the teeth over time due to the continuous gentle pressure of the equipment. Likewise, in the event of spacing, the braces will accomplish the inverse by bringing them closer together. We can then proceed to goal #2 – aligning 

Goal #2: Aligning 

Now that there’s room, your braces will align and straighten your teeth. Your braces will align the arches via the action wires, elastic chains, springs, and other auxiliaries that rotate, tip, and torque the teeth into their desired positions. Often, your orthodontist will adjust the positions of individual brackets during this phase of treatment. As the conditions in your mouth change, brackets may serve to align teeth more efficiently by occupying new spaces. 

Goal #3: Correcting 

Now that there’s enough room and your teeth have been properly positioned, the third and final step is ensuring the upper and lower jaws come together correctly in a healthy bite pattern. 

It’s essential to ensure that your bite is correct from three perspectives – front to back, top to bottom, and side to side. In many cases, your braces can accomplish this independently using continuous pressure to guide the jaws into their proper positions. In cases of extreme misalignment, Dr. Paul or Dr. Andrew may refer you to an orthodontic surgeon with whom he’ll work closely to develop the best plan for your bite. 

By the time your braces are working on this “bite phase” of treatment, you’re probably wondering when they’re coming off. As your teeth have been properly spaced and aligned by this point, you’re likely looking in the mirror and thinking, “yea, I look good!” 

Well, hey, you do look good! However, it’s vital that your braces are given the necessary time to align the jaws, as this step will be crucial to ensuring that everything stays in place the way the orthodontist intended.

How Can I Help?  

While Dr. Paul or Dr. Andrew and the team here at Serrano Orthodontics will ensure that your braces give you the best smile possible, it’s important to take an active role in your treatment! Brush and floss regularly and be sure never to miss any appointments! 

Regular check-ups are vital to ensuring that your orthodontic treatment goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. By staying on top of your appointments, the doctor can make any adjustments that need to be made and keep the ball rolling toward your eventual oral liberation! So be sure to attend all appointments! 

When Do I Get My Braces Off?Come In and See Us! 

Now that you know just what your braces are up to and how you can contribute to your care, you’re set up to have the best possible (and shortest possible) course of orthodontic treatment available!  

But like we talked about, a big part of that is making sure never to skip an appointment. So be sure and see us in either of our Chandler or Phoenix offices, where we treat you like one of the family! Give us a call today and begin your plan toward a beautiful smile.