Are Adults Good Candidates for Braces?

At Serrano Orthodontics, we proudly provide care for patients of all ages! No matter what condition your teeth are in as you grow up, adults are candidates for braces and can rely on them to reach their smile goals. Our team is here to share our treatment options, how to choose your appliance, and the importance of pursuing orthodontic treatment as an adult. We are here to support your journey!


You Can Start Braces Today!

It is never too late to begin braces as an adult! While most of our patients are school-aged children and teens, adults actually make up over a quarter of those we treat. Others like you realize there are plenty of benefits to straightening their teeth besides the incredible new look you get. 

Our team understands that some adults may be apprehensive about starting treatment and concerned about their appearance throughout. However, we prioritize your comfort and do whatever we can to ensure you are happy with your appearance while wearing braces. Serrano Orthodontics wants you to feel just as confident wearing your appliance as you are when we take it off at the end of your care plan. 

Whether you were not allowed the opportunity for orthodontic treatment as a child or didn’t require treatment at the time, Drs. Paul and Andrew Serrano are dedicated to helping you achieve your smile goals efficiently.


Your Treatment Options

Clarity Clear Braces

Serrano Orthodontics is proud to provide our patients with Clarity clear braces. You can expect this appliance to blend in with your smile and appear nearly invisible. Clarity clear braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic components entirely customized to your smile. We use 3D-printed LightForce Cloud brackets, allowing for a more comfortable transition into care due to their unique shape. They move your teeth more efficiently than other types of brackets and can even shorten your treatment time. 

Metal Braces

Metal braces have remained a trusted treatment for many years, thanks to their incredible track record and continued advancements. We offer several kinds of metal braces and can help you decide which is best for your case. Today’s braces are smaller than ever, using discreet brackets and slim wires, making the transition into wear very easy. Serrano Orthodontics uses Victory Series Low Profile brackets, which offer a smooth and comfortable design. 


Are Adults Good Candidates for Braces?

How to Choose Your Braces Appliance

Your Budget

Our team will help you find an appliance that comfortably fits your budget so you can focus on what’s most important: your brand-new smile! Serrano Orthodontics provides flexible payment plans and informs our patients on the role of insurance. Our team will walk you through the expected treatment costs and compare each appliance’s price so that no financial surprises arise later.

Length of Treatment

Treatment takes a different amount of time for everyone. The average treatment lasts between one and three years. Depending on the appliance choosen, the work that must be done, and the current condition of your oral health, it may take longer or shorter than expected. When you come in for your free consultation. Drs. Paul and Andrew Serrano can provide you with more details based on the diagnostics we take of your teeth.

Aesthetics and Lifestyle

Considering the average length of treatment, we want our patients to be happy with their appliance choice. Your comfort and confidence are important throughout treatment. As Drs. Paul and Andrew Serrano help you decide which appliance will best suit your case; they will consider which is the most efficient option as well as your lifestyle and aesthetic concerns. Our team can provide more insight into which appliance may help you stay compliant to keep your plan on schedule.


Why Pursue Braces as an Adult?

Boost Your Oral Hygiene

Realigned teeth remove any areas in your mouth that are tough to reach with your toothbrush, allowing you to better care for your oral health. Brushing and flossing more efficiently during routine cleanings decreases your chances of encountering common dental concerns, such as bacteria, plaque buildup, and tooth decay. 

This simple act has positive long-term benefits, helping your permanent teeth build protection and last throughout your lifetime.

Reduce Everyday Discomfort

Those with misaligned teeth may struggle with everyday tasks your teeth are meant to support, such as chewing, biting, and speaking. As your teeth begin to straighten out, pressure is evenly distributed across your mouth, protecting them from enamel breakdown and making mealtime a more comfortable experience. This further enables smoother digestion and allows your body to absorb additional nutrition from your food.

Improve Your Confidence

With a brand-new smile comes a renewed sense of confidence many adult patients seek. Your willingness to display your smile affects your overall happiness. Investing in orthodontic treatment can make you feel more comfortable showing off your grin with friends and family so you never feel like you have to hide it again. Many see those with aligned teeth as more trusting and kind, encouraging positive social interactions and making a lasting impression. 


Are Adults Good Candidates for Braces?

You Deserve A Perfect Smile!

Serrano Orthodontics strives to make each patient’s experience memorable and comfortable. Beginning braces can be scary as an adult, but we promise the results of your incredible smile will be worth the wait. Our practices are located in Phoenix and Chandler and serve all surrounding communities. Schedule your free consultation with Drs. Paul and Andrew Serrano, today, and take the first step toward orthodontic treatment!